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What to prioritise when it comes to SEO tasks

How do you know if the SEO and content changes you’re making will benefit your site? Contributor Casie Gillette looks at ways to prioritize resources so they impact your bottom line and support your business objectives. “What do we need to do to optimize our site?” It’s a question every search engine optimization specialist (SEO)…

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GOOGLE ADWORDS: To Be Rebranded After Nearly 20 Years!

Google Adwords Rebrand

Google has announced they are rebranding their 17+ year old brand money maker, AdWords, to simply Google Ads. Google launched AdWords back on October 23, 2000, almost 18 years ago, and was the driving force behind Google’s profits and power. Now, Google wants to change the name from AdWords to Google Ads to simplify things. Google said…

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GOOGLE MOBILE FIRST INDEX: What Is It and How It Affects You

Google Mobile First Index

Google’s Mobile First Index has been talked about for a while now, and it was finally rolled out on 26 March 2018 according to the Google blog. Google believe that mobile users should now come first because mobile search traffic actually trumps desktop searches in a growing number of countries. According to Google, mobile users…

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