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Local SEO Agency Leeds: Driving Local Customers to Your Business

If you are a small business that relies on local customers, you should seriously consider local SEO. On the other hand, if your company relies on multi-location, i.e. different branches in different cities, then you should also consider local SEO.

Did you know that according to Google, a massive 46% of searches now have a "local intent." In other words, people are searching for local products and services, as opposed to relying on long-distance shipping.

Local SEO can have some pretty amazing effects on your business, and it's more effective than print directories like the traditional Yellow Pages, or the Phone Book. Local SEO can help your business showcase your products and services to local customers, as and when they search online. We utilise various regional SEO strategies that can transform your business within a short few months.

Bag showing how local seo sends people to local businesses

Have you heard of "Google My Business?"

Used to be known as Google Local, Google My Business will help your business's placement on Google Maps, local search results, both which are crucial if you rely on local customers.

Screenshot of Google My Business Evolve Digital Media card. A good example of a local seo agency

How to Rank Well In Local Searches

There are three core elements when it comes to local search engine rankings:

Are Your Pages Relevant?

What is the relationship between the search key term and the products and services shown on your website? Do they match? Does it make sense for someone to searching for "shoe repairs" to land on your show repair website?

Google "show repairs Leeds" search screenshot

Is the Searcher Geographically Close to Your Business?

Is your Leeds-based business suitable for someone in Barnsley, or can they find someone closer to home? Google will show the closest companies first.

Shoe repairs businesses local map screenshot

What Are Other People Saying About Your Business?

What kind of reviews are your customers leaving on your Google My Business page? Businesses with better reviews usually come first in the listings.

Screenshot of Google my Business reviews

What Do Our Local SEO Services Entail?

Localising Your Website

Involves displaying your street, your city, your county throughout your website

Help Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Ensure that YOU are in control of your listing, and not someone else!

Build High Quality & Relevant Backlinks

Get trusted sites to link to yours including business associations, local newspapers and magazines

Building Citations

Register your site on reputable citation sites and business directories

Proactively Manage Reviews + Ratings

Ensure that all reviews and ratings are monitored at all times, as well as responding promptly to questions/queries

Why is Local SEO Beneficial?

Local Customers Making Local Searches

  • 96% PC users make local searches
  • 46% of total Google searches are local in nature
  • 67% local searches use Google and online directories to find local products and services
  • 55% of mobile searchers actively look for company details including company location and contact details

Local SEO is More Targeted

Perfect opportunity for businesses to laser-target their customers, unlike traditional methods

Higher Conversion Rates

Research indicates higher conversion rates compared when with traditional methods

Mobile Internet is Massive and It's Still Growing!!!

Mobile internet users now make up almost 50% of all internet users

Excellent Return on Investment

Money spent on local SEO has shown to bring greater returns than any other form of advertising

Not Everyones Clicked On!

Even today only 44% of businesses have claimed their listings. Strike while the iron is hot

Not Everyone Else Gives You Free Listings

It's absolutely free to claim your Google My Business Listing (for now at least)

Print Readership is Falling Like a Lead Balloon

Only 20% of adults now get their news via traditional newspapers. The potential to place your business under the noses of the other 80% has never been greater

People Listen to People

A massive 85% of online customers will read and trust reviews left by other like-minded people



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