Website Design & Development: A Practical & Common Sensical

Website design or Designing websites is no different to designing anything else that requires functionality. Your site is your company’s face in the digital world. And that old saying “first impressions last” couldn’t be truer when it comes to securing your reputation in virtual space, aka, the internet.

All our sites are clean and crisp in every regard because our design and development phase ensures that every site is unique. Our 80 point quality checklist has to be thoroughly ticked for every project before the site is handed over to the client.

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Website Design Steps…

First Step: Strategising

First and foremost, our website design team will sit down with you and take you through a questionnaire which is designed to help identify what you aim to achieve from your website. This will help us to determine what keywords are relevant to your needs and help devise a carefully thought-through strategy on the best way to launch your site.

Second Step: The Design

The Website Design Team will then go away and prepare some draft designs and proposals for you to consider. Once you have carefully considered the drafts and made your selection, the team will then get to work on your chosen design and start developing your site.

Third Step: Development

The Website Design Team will develop your site. The team will provide your site with unique and compelling content that is conducive for search engine optimisation. In other words, the information presented on your website will be clear as day for the search engines, in terms of what each page is about, and what keyword each page should be ranking for. The development phase will also involve your site's architecture, and it's aesthetic design and feel. An attractive and user-friendly website is all part of positive ``user experience,`` one of Google's many quality checks!

Final Step: Deployment

After testing your site on multiple platforms, ensuring full responsiveness over a multitude of devices and going through our 80-point checklist for every website, the site is then handed over to you. Our team is then always on hand for potential updates.

The Process


Identify brand objectives, identify keywords and design & implement positioning strategy


Present design proposals/drafts for the website, consider and bilaterally choose the final concept


Create unique content, site architecture, and aesthetic design and ensure all work harmoniously


Deploy site for the client and remain on hand at all times for potential updates

Webdesign Includes

Fully Responsive Designs

Quality Check Analysis

Content Architecture Analysis

User Experience Analysis

Website Content Strategy

Full Installation & Setup

CMS and e-Commerce Platforms

Multiple Browser and Platform Testing

Website Maintenance


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